Welcome to TorahLessonPlans.org. TorahlessonPlans.org was established in 2008 by a group of Bnai Torah and Kollel Yungerleit in Yeshiva Torah Vodaath who learn in the morning and teach secular studies in the afternoon. The purpose of the group was to band together to counter the prevailing attitude of bitul and accompanying behavior problems exhibited during the afternoon hours in which secular studies was taught in our holy Yeshivos. This problem was especially pronounced in the Mesivtos and Mechina programs in which Torah studies takes up a good part of the day and energies. While many aspects of secular education are beyond our control as teachers, what we felt was, that we could do better by providing more meaningful content to the secular curriculum and thus help in alleviating some of the bitul exhibited during the afternoon hours. The theory, which was later borne out by “the facts on the ground”, was that the secular studies being taught provided very little meaning to our Yeshiva Boys and Girls since it is purely secular in nature and thus leads to the bitul and accompanying behavior problems. Thus if one complimented the Torah in the morning with meaningful  secular studies filtered and complimented through the lens of Torah and Yiras Shamayim in the afternoon, it would help alleviate the problems during the afternoon hours.  Using the methodology set out by Rav Hirsch Zatza”l, and with the guidance of our contemporary Gedolim, we set out  to infuse the secular, mundane, content with Torah values and connections wherever possible. By doing so, we not only compliment the morning studies with interesting ideas and discussions, we have helped eliminate many behavior problems stemming from a lack of interest in the topic.

It is our sincere hope that through this website we can reach out and assist other teachers facing similar dilemmas wherever they are.


Rabbi Moshe Brody