Lesson plan #14

Aim: To understand Confucianism and Other Chinese Philosphies

Vocabulary: Confucius, Hanfezi, The Analects, Filial Piety, Legalism, Daoism, Manifest Destiny, Shi Huangdi, Dynasties

Discussion: Now in China, at about the same time that Buddhism is spreading throughout Asia as a religion, in China arises a philosopher who is going to have a tremendous influence on the Chinese people and their culture.

Motivation: what kind of middos do you see in Chinese people? Where do you think those middos come from.

2)   Explain that the middah of respect for older people comes from Confucius.

3)   Confucius stressed that everyone has duties parents to children to protect them and children to parents to listen and obey them. Filial piety is the most important middah. He also stressed hard work, honesty, and concern for others, education, and people are good. His ideas spread through out Asia through a book called The Analects.

4)        Hanfezi was another Chinese philosopher who said that people are beeztem bad. He said that people won’t listen to the rulers unless strict laws were passed and harsh punishments were used to keep people in place. His ideas were called Legalism.

5)         Daoism was another philosophy started by a mysterious figure called laozi. He said that one should not focus on this world but focus on being in “harmony with nature”. It eventually turned into a religion.

6)        Which Chinese Philosophy is the most Torahdik and why?

7)        Now lets sample some of the Chinese civilizations for ourselves and see what they where like.

Chinese Empires   Founded               Achievements         Decline

Qin Dynasty 221 BCE by Shi Huangdi, ruled with harsh Legalist principles. Had elaborate system of spies, tax collectors and officials to ensure stability, unified weights and measures, built infrastructure, no toleration for dissent, Built the great wall of china to protect china against nomadic invaders from the north In 210 BCE after Shi Huangdi died collapsed out of people’s hate for hate of harsh policies
Han dynasty Founded by Liu Bang in 210 BCE claiming Mandate of Heaven – heaven shows that they want particular ruler by making things work out for leader. If things don’t then it’s a sign from heaven that a new ruler can replace the older one. Ruled with Confucian ideas and most famous ruler was Wudi Gov’t advisors were confucianist scholars, civil service exams to become official, established Confucian ideals as official belief system, people wrote books on all the sciences, discovered paper[mb1] and the rudder, wheel barrows, suspension bridges, acupuncture[mb2] , and made splendid palaces and temples Declined in 220 AD when peasants revolted

[mb1]See the Ram”a in Even haezer (siman 124:2) where he says that one can write a get on paper-you see that it had reached Europe by that time

[mb2]See the Gemara in Bava metziah 85b that says that Shmuel yarchinoah used a needle to give rebbe a shot of medicine