Lesson plan #1

Aim: An introduction to poetry

Objective: To understand the themes in poetry and to gain a basic appreciation for the art.

Time: 1 week

a) 1) Ask students to write down their feelings about poetry. Have them try and identify what they like and dislike about poetry. Write on board responses

2) Ask students to identify poems write on board responses

3) Ask students to identify what parts they believe makes up a poem

b) 1) Have students read a poem by Rav Yehuda Haleivi-tzion halo tishali

2) Have students try to identify their own criteria of the previous day in the poem

3) Have students identify the major themes in the poem

4) Have students identify their feelings about poetry as compared to the previous day

c) 1) Review major themes discussed in previous days

2) Explain poetry is really the deepest thoughts a person has about a topic in which the writer’s explore without explaining the connections necessarily. In many way’s poetry is very similar to the way a person thinks. That is a person thinks in spurts without explaining the connections between them. Thus poetry seems like a stream of pure consciousness-an extremely primal response to a thought, experience etc. The job then is to try and uncover the writer’s thoughts.

3) Have students write their own poem about what they understand about poems.

4) Have any students who wish write their poems on the board.

d) 1) read a Perek from tehillim (perek 23) and have students try and guess what was being said and why it was said. Write responses on board.

2) Quote the various commentaries about it and show what various mefarshim explained about it

3) Go to the various shiros in the Torah and repeat #1 and 2.