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Deposition and Sedimentation

Lesson Plan # 18
Aim: Depositions and Sedimentation
Vocabulary: deposition, sediment, precipitate, horizontal sorting, vertical sorting, unsorted, graded bedding, sand bars, sand dunes, outwash
Discussion: Ok so now we have learned about weathering and how the sediments are moved from one place to another. Today we will learn how that sediment settles down and gets deposited.
Motivation: does anyone [...]

The Solar system

Lesson Plan # 5
Aim: The solar system and its properties
Vocabulary: heliocentric theory, solar system, Terrestrial planets, Jovian planets, rotations, moons, comets, meteoroids, asteroids, greenhouse gas affect
Discussion: Yesterday we discussed the way our planet moves through the space in orbit around the sun which is called the heliocentric theory. Today we will learn about the other [...]

Topographical maps

Lesson Plan # 3 Topography and topographical maps

Aim: How to measure height on a top topographical [mb1] map
Vocabulary, topography, contour lines, contour intervals, isolines, profile, gradient, fields
Discussion: we so far have discussed the world’s parts and how to find places using the longitude-latitude system. Today we will look into a deeper aspect of measuring [...]