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The Rennaissance

Aim: The Renaissance
Vocabulary: Renaissance, Humanism, classics, metaphysical
Discussion: We have learned about the Dark ages and what kind of stagnant world it was during those years.  Now we begin with real substantive change in the world and it all begins in Northern Italy in what was to become later known as the Renaissance.
1) Motivation: students [...]

Roman beginnings

Lesson Plan #17
Aim: Early Roman History
Vocabulary: Etruscans, Republic, Senate, Consuls, Dictator, Patricians, Plebeians, Twelve Tables
Discussion: Now we have finished the Greeks who essentially created Western civilization as we know it, we will turn our focus to another important civilization which essentially cements the impact of the Greek-hellenistic-Western civilization in the world and that is the [...]

Greek Culture

Lesson Plan #22
Aim: Greek culture
Vocabulary: Hellensim, ionic columns, sculpture, realism, theater, literature,
Discussion: Yesterday we discussed Greek Philosophy, today we will discuss other parts of Greek and mainly Athenian culture
Motivation: Question: What is the best way that you like to relax? Chances are that the things that help you relax and “enjoy” come from the ancient [...]

Chinese Philosophies

Lesson plan #14
Aim: To understand Confucianism and Other Chinese Philosphies
Vocabulary: Confucius, Hanfezi, The Analects, Filial Piety, Legalism, Daoism, Manifest Destiny, Shi Huangdi, Dynasties
Discussion: Now in China, at about the same time that Buddhism is spreading throughout Asia as a religion, in China arises a philosopher who is going to have a tremendous influence on the [...]

Introduction to History

Hand out different versions of the same story to different boys. Then follow instruction at the end of the plan.
Version # 1
Shimon was a fun loving boy with a very creative mind. He liked to learn but enjoyed having fun also. It was late one night and the chevra were schmoozing after curfew when Shimon [...]

Aim: Ancient Egypt

Vocabulary: Hieroglyphics, mummies, Pharos, Pyramids
Discussion: Ok so we learned a lot about Avraham Avinu’s world yesterday, can someone tell me about the world that Yosef lived in?
Motivations: Ask students to try and remember what they can without a Chumash about the society that Pharoh lived in and try to identify aspects of Ancient Egyptian [...]