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Human impact on ecosystems

Human Impact on Ecosystems
[mb1] Because of technological advancements in the past few hundred years, Humans have begun to alter the ecosystem in profound ways. We therefore need to become environmentally literate in order to ward off negative results from our choices. If we alter our environment in a large way we can destroy the world [...]

Multicellular systems

Multicellular systems[1]
The Human Body

Digestion[2]-a one way track-food enters the mouth where it is chewed (teeth) and moved down the “pipe” with the help of the tongue. It then enters the esophagus and pushed down it by muscular contractions (called peristalsis). From there it enters the stomach-broken down there by chemicals and then pushed into [...]

Cell Parts

Lesson Plan #2
Cells and their parts[mb1]

Cytoplasm- the jelly like substances in all cells that holds all the organelles,  transports materials throughout the cell and is the place of many chemical reactions
Organelles- cell parts that perform various functions

Some vital cell organelles: see page [...]