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Greek Culture

Lesson Plan #22
Aim: Greek culture
Vocabulary: Hellensim, ionic columns, sculpture, realism, theater, literature,
Discussion: Yesterday we discussed Greek Philosophy, today we will discuss other parts of Greek and mainly Athenian culture
Motivation: Question: What is the best way that you like to relax? Chances are that the things that help you relax and “enjoy” come from the ancient [...]

Chinese Philosophies

Lesson plan #14
Aim: To understand Confucianism and Other Chinese Philosphies
Vocabulary: Confucius, Hanfezi, The Analects, Filial Piety, Legalism, Daoism, Manifest Destiny, Shi Huangdi, Dynasties
Discussion: Now in China, at about the same time that Buddhism is spreading throughout Asia as a religion, in China arises a philosopher who is going to have a tremendous influence on the [...]

Introduction to History

Hand out different versions of the same story to different boys. Then follow instruction at the end of the plan.
Version # 1
Shimon was a fun loving boy with a very creative mind. He liked to learn but enjoyed having fun also. It was late one night and the chevra were schmoozing after curfew when Shimon [...]

Aim: Ancient Egypt

Vocabulary: Hieroglyphics, mummies, Pharos, Pyramids
Discussion: Ok so we learned a lot about Avraham Avinu’s world yesterday, can someone tell me about the world that Yosef lived in?
Motivations: Ask students to try and remember what they can without a Chumash about the society that Pharoh lived in and try to identify aspects of Ancient Egyptian [...]